Snow N’ Fun

Being stuck inside isn’t always awful. We spent the snowy time with friends thankfully they have kids the same age and activities are always fun. The kiddos had a busy day playing inside and in the snow. The morning was fun with a tea party and all the dolls were invited.

We than spent the evening making
Snow Ice Cream
1 cup of milk
1tsp of vanilla
Pinch of salt
Mix first
Then add 8 cups of clean snow ūüėČ

The girls loved making this, and yes they wanted to wear matching pj’s. The recipe is good but needs some tweaking. We also made it using coffee milk. (We are from RI).

Ribbons & Bows and Trying to Keep Sane

Are they every where? Does your little girl toss them around the house like mine? Do bows and headbands end up at the bottom of your purse, drawers, or bed sheets? I’ve made some of these for my house as well as others and they seem to do the trick.

Bow Holder mirror 3 Bow holder mirror

Meaghan's 1 Meaghan's 2

These are so much fun to make.  Larger loops allow for hooking headbands thru them as well as clipping bows and hair ribbons.  Obviously designed and constructed for maximum storage capacity.

G's Holder

My friend made this style and it holds a ton too.

To place your custom order Click Here.

Sweet Baby Boy Blue

Who doesn’t love some baby boy blue? I made 8 of these last weekend for a friend/customer who was making her sister-in-love’s shower special and festive.
Double Full Double up close

Single Full Up Close

This little boy soon to arrive on the scene is beyond loved already. I love taking an idea from someone and than just making it happen.  Special projects like this are my favorite as it allows people to see the full scope of Creatively Dunn.

Recycling This Year’s Holiday Cards

What do you do with all of the beautiful CHRISTMAS CARDS you got this season?

I cut the fronts off and punch a hole in the corner and use them as GIFT TAGS next year. It allows me to share those special pictures with someone else to enjoy.

The big cards make it easy to read for those little one playing elf and older tired eyes handing out presents. #creativelydunn

holiday cards

*For ideas with photo cards check out my post here.