My Valentine’s Day Love/Hate Relationship with Pintrest

So I love holidays every holiday.   4th of July being my favorite mostly because it is the start of summer, I can be at the beach, the days are long and the sun is warm.  4th of July means summer is just getting going and you can still make plans for summer and not feel like you’ve missed the whole season.  I guess that is why I was a born on a holiday.  I’m a Valentine Birthday Girl.  Now that I have kids of my own I will admit I love making valentines with them.

My love hate relationship with Pintrest goes as follows I love the juices that get flowing when I mindlessly scroll page after page sometime just wanting to see it all the way to the bottom.  I hate Pintrest as it will keep me sucked in making me miss TV shows, phone calls and other things that happens in the house after the kids are asleep and sometimes when they aren’t.  I will say Pintrest can be a hell of a good resource, but has been known to put even a good mom into crazy mom status trying to just keep up with hosting a party that is over the top pulled from Pintrest.

This year, thanks to the new no candy at school rule, we’re doing stamps.  I don’t actually think it’s a new rule but the first time I’ve paid attention.  God bless fellow bloggers like Plunky Momo I don’t have to start from scratch.  We found the stamps and I just wanted the tags.


Made these yummies for the teachers and neighborhood friends and valentines.  The totally easy recipe is thanks to Sprinkle Some Sunshine.


I have also over the years made the following.  They were all on the easy side and always get a smile.  The sunglasses were a hit, the teachers loved the large ones.

Sunglasses 2 SunGlasses ILU with little hands

One year I also did one with play-doh.  Don’t have any pictures but here is the link for the adorable print outs thanks to Random Thoughts of a Supermom!.  Put them on sticker paper and BAM Valentine’s were done!

In any case, happy pinning, and if you want to follow my love hate relationship follow me on Pintrest.

Who said power tools are for boys?

Both kids are down for a nap so what do I do? I break out the power tools and install our new beer opener and pail. I’ve been dying to get this in use, and was hoping to have it ready by the Super Bowl. That obviously didn’t happen so today is the day. 20 minutes of quiet while both kids sleep at the same time, an amazing feat in itself and another red pail has founds its home in the garage next to our beer fridge.


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Patriots Parade Day

I’m so excited that our hometown New England Patriots won the Superbowl.  An amazing game that brought cheers and tears to my house Sunday night.  Some of the kids were up late and their parents fully emerged in the game.  Today we celebrate their victory with the Boston Duck Boats!  I’ve had these little cloths in my basement stock, I’d expect that they won’t stick around for long as they are great for the gym, kitchen, and as baby burp cloths.  Whatever the use they will mop it up, order soon I don’t have that many.New_England_Patriots2 IMG_7976