Barbie…you little hoochie act your age

Where to begin? My daughter duped me into playing Barbie this morning. Two things of note 1. She handed me this doll and said “you can be Medusa” and well just look at her she’s totally right. I asked where she heard the name and she said she made it up. Who knew my kid was so into Greek mythology.

IMG_3780 Secondly look at her outfit. At first glance one might think cute, fun colors, I wish I had boobs that big and could do strapless with a tie that obviously isn’t for support. Let’s take a look under the hood there’s a crotch strap like my kids wear in the summer on their life jackets for survival. Obviously Barbie doesn’t intend to wear this dress as a piece of life saving equipment.

IMG_3781 I always read other blogs and articles that talk about how Barbie, has to keep with the fashion trends to stay marketable. Many writers and parents alike may agree that some trends aren’t worth following, as the message we send kids isn’t appropriate. I use to read those articles and move on, but today’s Sunday morning playtime just got real. Barbie it’s time to act your age. I know plenty of 59 year old women who are rockin’ it.

 PS I went to do my research on how old Barbie was and ends up her birthday is March 9, 1959 so obviously this entry had to be posted ASAP.

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