Mantle Mojo

I’ve been overwhelmed when I look at my mantle since the day we moved in, two years ago.  The day we moved in all of our house plant ended up making this their home.  Slowly I have removed plant by plant spreading them out through the house.  Making room for other items that just haven’t found their forever home. I decided that I needed to face my fear and even up the score.  Went to my good pal Pintrest for a few tutorials and suggestions and than the hunting began.  I figured it wouldn’t be that hard with a last name of Dunn.  Pulling some Irish items I already had was super easy.   I found some fun wall art that has been in the basement looking for their spot, an adorable art project I did with my daughter when she was little and some other festive knick nacks.  

I did leave one plant cause I liked the green and how it hung over breaking the visual line of the stone mantle.  From there I just started adding.  It’s no materpiece nor will it be featured in any design magazine but I’m satisfied and feel like at least the score is now equal. 


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