¿Dónde está el baño

Ever go to a party at someone’s house and the bathroom has been occupied for what seems like an eternity?   Graciously the host(ess) says “oh just use the one upstairs.”

Sure we’ve all been there. You think cool they like me enough to let me venture upstairs into their private quarters.  Now granted it’s not the White House and you’ve not been given an all access pass to our nation’s secrets. But let’s face it, when you’re hosting a party; upstairs is where you “hide/dump” all your stuff.

You’ve discreetly pee-pee danced thru a crowd of people and found the stairs. Up you go checking out the family pictures on the wall thinking, you should do something at your own house like this but that would require time. You arrive at the second floor only to be met by a hall of closed doors.  You now feel like Alice in Alice In Wonderland and you must choose wisely as who knows what is behind each door.

I figured I’d throw my guests a clue and for $5.00 make this little helper.  Now it’s not what I’ve been hunting for but will do just fine this weekend’s gathering.

 A chalkboard door hanger, computer printout, white marker, and box cutter.

Use the box cutter to score and cut out the black ink of your printout to make a stencil. Make sure you’re doing this on top of an appropriate surface.  Thick cardboard or if you’re like me make one with the floor and use the office chair pad.  Tape your stencil to the door hanger and trace.  This little goodie is good to go. I did do 2 coats of the marker just to thicken it up.


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