Birthday Bash

I will admit I love kid’s birthdays.  The themes alone can be so much fun to play with.  My husband and I just hosted an UNO themed party for our son who turned 1 this month.  By far the cheapest decorations I’ve gotten.  I bought a pack of playing cards and just went WILD.  It all started pouring them over my toddler’s head to snap pictures for his invitations.  The finial product came thru thanks to A Little Be Told Me.  She does awesome work and has done all of our invites since 2010.

IMG_8079BLOG invite

Of course we had to set the tone at the front door.


Gave my amazingly talented sister these sticks to which she created these stunning floral center pieces. Playing off the colors black, red, green, blue and yellow.


I couldn’t help myself and had to have some fun with the table tents, and table setting. IMG_8435IMG_8438IMG_8434

Can’t leave out a monthly photo display (I made sure I pulled these cards first as not to glue all the ones I needed to my wreath)


And of course some fun party favors.  Mini UNO cards for each to take.  IMG_8508IMG_8506

Finished the whole event with personalized thank you notes that my sister found for us.

Thank You Note

A WILD good time had by all.  A year went quickly and so much happened in such a short amount of time.  The weather was perfect but spending time with family and friends was by far the best part.

To see my daughter’s 1st birthday party with a pink and green theme click here.


Ohm… a well needed vacation, sun, sand, pool, surf and family time.  Spent a week in Ft. Myers with amazing accommodations.  I won’t lie it took me a week to pack and prep this family to make a week long trek to the sun, but so worth it.  Here is my cheat sheets.

A well laid out packing list.  I couldn’t survive without it.  I’ve used it and edited it year after year, trip after trip.  So i know it will come thru when I forget something obvious.  Packing List Grid

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Space saver packing bags are gods gift to families.  I only buy the clear ones and pack and label everything.  When were arrive we just lay them out and don’t bother unpacking them into drawers.  (Unless I’m setting up shop for a good long time)  Don’t get the vacuum ones as you can’t depend on access to one while away from home.IMG_4238

Kids beaded ID bracelets live in the bottom of my purse for field trips, family adventures and of course airplane rides.  These gems have no problem going thru metal detectors and have our phone numbers just in case.  We’ve taught our kids to find another parent and state their name and say “I’m lost can you please call my mom” lifting up their arm with the bracelet.  Note these don’t work so well at water parks but a ball point pen with some liquid bandaid over it do the trick for a day of fun. Click here to purchase your own custom bracelets.

On Wrist

Laundry, it will never end as a mom.  I use this laundry trick each time we travel.  I’ve shared this before on my facebook group .  Pack an old pillow case one that will stand out, so the housekeepers don’t scoop it up. (This was mine from when I was a kid at summer camp, such a classic). When you get to your hotel pin it up between some hangers and just fill away. When you come home it’s all in one place.  P.S. you can also toss the whole bag in a space saver bag for the trip home.

Dirty Laundry

Airplane munchies?  Thankfully when traveling with kids you usually get a side smile from the people at TSA when you roll thru with a bag that looks like your pantry and fridge on a hot date.  But just know that every bit they munch on, is less for you to carry and one melt down avoided.  I’ve seen this before and golly so smart.  I didn’t have to chase any Cheerios across the gate at the airport.

It was a wonderful trip.  Time away, in the sun with friends and family.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.  Spent time pool side and sitting at the beach.  Ate ice cream cones with the kids and walked around town to do some sightseeing.  Truly my kind of vacation.

Do you have any summer adventures coming up?  What will your tricks be?  Have you tried any of the above, if so which worked best?

You SPIN me ’round and ’round…

I’ve know that these clever little items are amazing but I’ve only started to sprinkle them throughout my house.  Of course spice cabinets are perfect for these little jewels, but where else?  Lazy Susan’s I feel is the wrong name… Smart Susan’s are more like it.  I found some smaller ones at a local store for under $6 and bought 2.  They now hold my AM items i.e. deodorant, perfume, face wash, etc. and my PM items i.e. vitamins, make up remover wipes, and lotions. 

I will admit I’ve even gone back to buy  one more for the general goodies like aspirin, tylenol, baby powder and other basics. 


My girlfriend even has one in her top shelf in the fridge… AMAZING.  So smart the one shelf you can’t actually see the back of; but still need the items from.  Just give it a spin and it is there! Comment below, where are you using Smart Susan’s?