You SPIN me ’round and ’round…

I’ve know that these clever little items are amazing but I’ve only started to sprinkle them throughout my house.  Of course spice cabinets are perfect for these little jewels, but where else?  Lazy Susan’s I feel is the wrong name… Smart Susan’s are more like it.  I found some smaller ones at a local store for under $6 and bought 2.  They now hold my AM items i.e. deodorant, perfume, face wash, etc. and my PM items i.e. vitamins, make up remover wipes, and lotions. 

I will admit I’ve even gone back to buy  one more for the general goodies like aspirin, tylenol, baby powder and other basics. 


My girlfriend even has one in her top shelf in the fridge… AMAZING.  So smart the one shelf you can’t actually see the back of; but still need the items from.  Just give it a spin and it is there! Comment below, where are you using Smart Susan’s?


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