Our Yard and Garden 

Summer has to be the best season.  I love to play  in the garden and watch things grow.  I’m not such a fan of weeding, just ask my husband, but I do love a garden.  I took some time last year and used a garden planner.  Thanks to the Seed Saver Exchange website it was so easy.  My uncle sent me the link last year and I took time this winter to do the work; knowing I’d want it ready for the spring.

Trout Veggie Garden Layout
I also love to get my kids into learning about all types of flowers and plants.  Allowing them to build their own fairy gardens gave them a chance to smell lemon balm and mint while having a blast planting and getting messy.  My daughter and her friends built their own fairy gardens on a gray Monday morning.


We asked each friend to bring their own pot. I was able to grab everything else from Home Depot, Michael’s Craft Stores or around the house.


They turned out so sweet and within a week they were full and smelling so good as all the plants and flowers filled out.   I let my daughter take care of watering her own garden as she has such a sense of pride in it.

Princess Party Time


So I just couldn’t do an Elsa party… I just couldn’t.  My daughter wanted one and I couldn’t swallow hosting or attending another Queen Elsa party.  I was able to talk her into Frozen but with a twist.  I was able to get her to name her favorite colors, she said  “pink and gold”.  With a little twisting we arrived at a Frozen Lemonade Stand.

I can’t begin party planning for anything without this amazing find thanks to my friends at Childhood 101.  This KIDS PARTY PLANNER is my first printout, I use to do it on scrap paper, but why do that, when Christie has laid it out so much nicer.party image

Now that’s she’s older an evite will do.  Nothing over the top just used pink and yellow to tell friends to come and play.

I hunted around the house for any pink, yellow and some “Elsa” blue items that we already had.  (It really helps that my company colors are blue and yellow)  Came up with some lanterns, parasols, tissue puffs, and a few great free print outs from Melissa at DesignEatRepeat.

The hard part was building an actual lemonade stand.  We spent an afternoon with the internet and picked out a bunch she liked.  I wanted something that would have more than one purpose.  It is made to be a general stand so it can go in the playroom to be a store counter, grocery store, or anything they can imagine.  It is also small enough that it fits in the truck so when they are older they can actually use it as a lemonade stand curb side. The stand is now available for rent, check out details by clicking here.


I channeled my inner Pre-K want-to-be-teacher and we filled the lemonade stand with a full stock of pretend goodies, lemons, ice cubes, pitchers filled with duplos and foam to be lemonade, wooden spoons, and a cash register.  This became the entertainment for the afternoon with friends.

Centerpieces were easy and will find another life after this weekend.  I bought lemons and dumped them into clear vases.  This whole thing makes me giggle as all I can think of is Jennifer Aniston in the movie “The Breakup” when she wants to make a 12 lemon centerpieces and her dear boyfriend only buys 4.  Again my sister came thru for me and made some rocking flower arrangements too.


What’s a party without cake?  This is where Elsa comes into play.  Because we can never have just one event there are a few variations of cake.  We hosted a small family party, the day of, and a friends party.

IMG_4691   DSC05265

Of course we served lemonade in both flavors.  We also hit our our local Del’s Lemonade for some frozen yumminess.  After the kid’s party ended we added some adult versions of Del’s for those that stayed for the afternoon.

IMG_4693   DSC05267 DSC05268

 Some of my favorite party details included.  Table settings and decorations.  At this point I’m past party favors that hit the trash once you get to the car.  These will hopefully be used, enjoyed and than no longer kicked around our friends home.

DSC05284 DSC05285

Again another wonderful party, weather, friends and family.  I do love a good party but golly they can be a lot of work.  Until next year.

Rocks vs Shells 

We picked some amazing shells while on vacation this winter.  I hate to toss the mass quantiles that we have so we decided to get creative. This year my daughter and I painted a tick tack toe board on her swing set. Hung a little pail and now she and her friends can play rocks vs shells.  It’s cute, it’s easy and will provide instant entertainment for any age.  

 IMG_4626 IMG_4648

I originally wanted to do it with pavers in the ground but it was so hard to find the right size.  This worked out much better.

Saying Goodbye 

I grew up in a military town and have said goodbye to many friends.  None of them were as hard as last weekend when we said goodbyes to our neighbors. They were amazing people, had kids close to ours, values that matched ours and truly were cool being being part of the village that raises our children.  When they moved in a little over a year ago I left a little treat on their doorstep making a peace offering knowing it can be hard moving to a new place.  Plus I was hopeful as they were unloaded kid bikes and toys. 

The adorable print out is thanks to Sarah Hearts.

As they departed I made sure we tucked a little something into their final bags.

 A bag for each kiddo and one for their folks.  Tucked in some snacks and water bottles as well as things to keep them busy.  A coloring pad, crayon apron and stickers hoping to keep little people occupied on their trip cross country.

 I will miss my good friends and I am again hopeful, for wonderful people with of course kids as we anticipate another large moving truck to roll down our street in the next few weeks.

Godspeed dear friends and can’t wait to hear about your next adventure.