Saying Goodbye 

I grew up in a military town and have said goodbye to many friends.  None of them were as hard as last weekend when we said goodbyes to our neighbors. They were amazing people, had kids close to ours, values that matched ours and truly were cool being being part of the village that raises our children.  When they moved in a little over a year ago I left a little treat on their doorstep making a peace offering knowing it can be hard moving to a new place.  Plus I was hopeful as they were unloaded kid bikes and toys. 

The adorable print out is thanks to Sarah Hearts.

As they departed I made sure we tucked a little something into their final bags.

 A bag for each kiddo and one for their folks.  Tucked in some snacks and water bottles as well as things to keep them busy.  A coloring pad, crayon apron and stickers hoping to keep little people occupied on their trip cross country.

 I will miss my good friends and I am again hopeful, for wonderful people with of course kids as we anticipate another large moving truck to roll down our street in the next few weeks.

Godspeed dear friends and can’t wait to hear about your next adventure.

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