Our Yard and Garden 

Summer has to be the best season.  I love to play  in the garden and watch things grow.  I’m not such a fan of weeding, just ask my husband, but I do love a garden.  I took some time last year and used a garden planner.  Thanks to the Seed Saver Exchange website it was so easy.  My uncle sent me the link last year and I took time this winter to do the work; knowing I’d want it ready for the spring.

Trout Veggie Garden Layout
I also love to get my kids into learning about all types of flowers and plants.  Allowing them to build their own fairy gardens gave them a chance to smell lemon balm and mint while having a blast planting and getting messy.  My daughter and her friends built their own fairy gardens on a gray Monday morning.


We asked each friend to bring their own pot. I was able to grab everything else from Home Depot, Michael’s Craft Stores or around the house.


They turned out so sweet and within a week they were full and smelling so good as all the plants and flowers filled out.   I let my daughter take care of watering her own garden as she has such a sense of pride in it.

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