Sprinkling Holiday Cheer 

In my new adventures of crafting and design I’ve been trying to tackle my mantle.  My old house didn’t have one and the one at my childhood house never changed much. 

I figured Christmas was as good as time as ever to give it a fresh look.  I’ve been waiting for the chance to make our family have matching stockings, and this is finally it.  

I wanted burlap as I like the texture the fact that I can dress them up and change them year to year.  

This year I went with a nautical and brown, silver and cream theme. Granted it was truly stuff around my house that we already had.  I wasn’t about to go out and drop a small fortune. 

I was going to make my own stockings as a friend graciously gave me all the burlap from her wedding.  This is probably why this project never got off the ground  I was lacking motivation to sew with this sometime difficult fabric. That being said on one of my strolls thru Hobby Lobby I found these perfect ones for cheaper than I could have ever made them. 

I than purchased wooden letters from Michael’s Stores matching our initials. Drilled holes so I could hang and attach them.  Painted them silver so they would pop against the burlap.  

It took 3 coats as I didn’t want any natural wood color to pop thru. I than covered them in Martha Stuart’s fine silver glitter.  

I think they came out quite nice and am pleased.  I figure when I get bored of the letters I can change them out for ribbons or something else.  

 I added some touches to the overall mantle with silver candles and starfish I had. I glued twine around small starfish to make decorative details for the candlesticks.  

And than it was to hunt around the house to finish it up.  I have little kids at home so the cresh had to be up high and who doesn’t love some lights.   


So there we are dressed and ready for the big man to come for the 25th. I will say this was a fun project but so was putting out the key at our old house.  (For those of you that don’t have a chimney check my post here about Santa’s key.) Let’s hope Santa is good to all of us and fills them up.  

Merry Christmas everyone.  

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