Can you handle my mantel? 

Here are 12 months/attempts at decorating my mantle.

January– I went with a snowflake theme which was super cute.  Ended up using a painting that my son did in early December. If you want direction on making your own snowflake  click here.

February — Sprinkle it with love. The red looked bold against the yellow wall.  
March — This is where I started thinking thru decorations for the mantle last year. For the blog post that started my mantle adventure click here.IMG_3763

April–  I found to be hard because my motivation and creative juices were low.  I made due with a ton of lush greens and pops of Easter colors thanks to eggs in clear vases.      

May & June– will share the same design as life just gets so busy. This year I’ll used a 12 meter boat hull that my uncle made for me many years ago.  The craftsmanship is amazing and he didn’t finish installing the 6ft rig and sails as a project for my husband and I.  Needless to say we have not found the time to commit to doing it right. 

July– My favorite holiday and I did not have a shortage of option to pull from. 

August — Raced by as all summer months do.  Keeping it simple and beachy was the name of the game.  

September — In our house it is time for back to school and football.  I raided the back to school supplies and my son’s toy stash.

October–Playing with black and orange was the focus for this month.  Next year I’ll invest in a few more skulls and black cats. 

November– I find it the easiest if I just pull from nature.  Pinecones, mums and beautiful colored leaves did just the trick.  

December — Nutcrackers seemed to hit this spot this Christmas.  Rich reds and golds worked perfect with the Christmas tree my husband had from post college days.  The vase of chestnuts became an entertaining evening as my kids tried to crack them open with little success.  

To see last year’s Christmas mantle which featured a beach and nautical twist; using a brown, silver and cream theme click here.  I must say I’m excited to start again in 2017 with adding on to last year’s ideas or throwing them completely out the door and going in a whole new direction.  We’ll see what the next 12 attempts hold in store, stay tuned.


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