DIY Milk Bottles

If you’re joining us here from the Milk & Cookie Monster Birthday Party Page welcome.  If not you should check it out.  So you want to make some milk bottles?  Here we go… IMG_9699First things first.  Purchase and find friends who like to drink Starbucks.  After you’ve enjoyed the coffee drink, peal all labels off the bottle and give it a run thru the dishwasher.  I hand washed the lids to make sure I got all the “corners”.  IMG_7641.jpg

After a run through the dishwasher use Adhesive cleaner and a soft cloth to remove all ink stamps that have the expiration and lot numbers.  Allow time to dry and rinse clean.  IMG_7613

Grab a standard drill and drill bit that is just bigger than your straws.  Place caps upside down on a piece of scrap wood.  There is a circle already outlined inside each cap so you can follow that as your guide.  Sand all covers but be aware that light sanding makes for a better paint job.  If sanded a lot the covers when painted have a grainy look.  Rinse and dry.  Spray paint cover tops and side for any color desired.

I used oil based sharpie markers for writing names on each bottle.  These don’t wash off with regular hand washing but can be editied and removed with the use of nail polish remover or the adhesive remover.  IMG_9712Enjoy and have fun.

Milk in glass bottles thanks to Munroe Dairy.