A Girl Scout Cookie Thank You

Now everyone loves a sweet little hostess gift. It doesn’t have to be anything big or elaborate and that is why my new go-to is a box of Girl Scout thanks-a-lot cookies.  A little bow and personal note and it’s ready to roll. On each order that left our house we made sure to include a thank you note.  I will say that this served two purposes.  One side was a thank you and cute photo of my kiddo. The other side was the count and total sheet for customers for easy reference.   It worked well for us as it had the number of boxes, amount due or paid and info on how to order more. Now to thank the saints that keep this whole thing rolling.  Each troop has a cookie Mom (or Dad) that keeps everyone and everything organized. These people  have a special place in heaven.  Not only do they keep it on time and collect the money they also anwser your texts, emails and your panicked phone calls.

My daughter and I collected empty cookie boxes and took them to our local print shop where they cut and bound the cover into small notepads.  Finally we had to thank everyone that bought, packed, donated, liked, shared or visited a booth. I did do a bit of social campaigning for my daughter as it’s the new wave. When all was said and done I posted a final shoutout… at least until next year. 


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