The New Season-Cookies!

For those of you that aren’t aware, like I was last year. Once you become the parent of a Girl Scout you add a whole new season to the calendar.  Cookie season.  You have spring time, summer, the fall, the holiday season and than comes COOKIE SEASON.  Before the Christmas tree is even out the door your cutie is hustling your guests for pre-sales.

Now you probably think cool sell some boxes earn a patch.  If it was only that simple.  Now as a disclaimer; scouts are not required to participate in cookie sales nor do they have to sell tons of boxes.  This is the mindset I was going with.  This entire season is girl driven and my daughter’s initial goal was 30 boxes.  It snowballed from there.  She reached her goal by Christmas morning with just family.  She of course upped the goal and away we went.

Now for those of you that weren’t aware a percentage of each box sold goes to the girl in money that can be used to summer camps and outings. Another percentage goes to the girl’s troop to keep their dues low and pay for items like patches and craft supplies. I will say as the mom the camp credits was motivating to me to let the snowball keep rolling.

She had a fantastic summer at camp and made friends and lit her first match, she was SO excited. Those of you that embrace our cuties with their lists this season we thank you.

This post is purely from the perspective of a parent. Never mind those amazing parents that VOLUNTEER to be the troop or even biger Service Unit Cookie person. These people have begun their Cooke season well before we have. They have hearts of gold and way more storage space that I do.



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