In the Thick of School Days

I hear it often you’re so organized how do you contain all that school art work, parent letters and permission slips?  It’s no secret it’s a lot of work.  Welcome to October, you thought you had a handle on it and than you realize…

1. You’re new to this game

2. There is just so much

3. Now you’ve added another child

4. You’re overwhelmed

5. All of the above.

Just like a new calendar year; back to school time can be a chance to get ready for new routines, clean out new spaces and start again. I try to start in August with a clean slate and designating appropriate spaces, but sometime it takes me til October.   Designate a space in the garage or perhaps right inside the main door.  You know your family will dump their stuff might as well make it a functioning space.  

In our house it is time to prepare the space for those little ones to display their hard work.  We have the following area set up juts inside our garage door next to the kitchen for my kids and I to hang our favorite pieces of work.  I borrowed the ideas from 2 friends of mine.   The first from a military mom who knew all the good ones.  The two black frames are lil’ Divinci frames (don’t get the knock offs, not worth it)  They each open and can be hung in either direction or use the screw insert to make them table top frames.  The top glass is on a hinge and can open to add more pieces of art work.  Each frame holds 50 sheets.  I have one for each kid.  They come in two sizes so get what works best for you.  The second was from a crafty mama who ordered the wall decal for $5 from Amazon and added the string.  My kids can choose whatever they want to add here but in August it get cleared off.  (These frames made awesome Mother’s Day gifts for the grandmothers one year.)

This is where they display their favorites and it gets cleared each August. There are only a limited number of clothes pins so they have to learn about what really is worth hanging and what they will let get tossed. And I can Frame my favorite (one per kid) they are called lil Davinci frames. Each holds 50 sheets of art work. I figure when my kids stop with making all the art work I’ll still have my favorites to rotate them. Also we’re great grandma gifts but don’t get knock off springs aren’t as good for holding art

I also am a big fan of capturing their art work that won’t fit in these frame by snapping a picture and using one of the many apps or just a folder on my computer to store these special pieces.

I have series of command hooks inside our pantry closet.  The top hook is for school calendars, meal calendars and special rotations. I used sheet protectors and a key ring.  The second and third hooks are given one per kid.  This is a place where they keep homework, permission slips and important info for that week only

I have also seen this hanging organizer from Thirty One designs.  Again a nice place to have a command center, or family calendar.  Our family also operates off google calendars.  I gave each child when they were born a google email account and use the calendar feature.  So we have one for each kid, one for each adult and a family account which is nice for all the school emails, troop or sports club emails etc.  Each of these calendars is color coded and loads into the calendar feature on our phones.  It helps my husband and I communicate on where we or the kids will be as well as which location the kids are at.  I try to always include directions, notes, reminders on things to bring such as when we’re the snack family or it’s our turn to do carpool.  It looks overwhelming but is easy to sort by day, person, activity.  I would truly be lost without it as it’s in real time and can be pulled up anywhere.  googlecalendar-hero

Have a little fun preparing for school and enjoy the season of growing and learning.  Please share any ideas you use to make your morning and school year a little less crazy.


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