About Me

I’m a woman, an artist, a creative soul, a wife, friend and mother. I am a true believer that boredom breeds imagination and creativity. Being allowed to have the element of time gets my juices going but lets be honest necessity is the mother of invention as obvious by raising my two kids.

It depends on where the wind blows me as to where my creative focus is that day. My goal is to provide high quality products and programs that trigger others to stretch into their creative space, learn and create something bigger than themselves.

Follow me as my travels take me from DIY projects and beyond. As a noble person once said “To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk” Thomas A. Edison.

Creatively Dunn is currently focused on the following areas.

Preschool 4’s Teacher I’ve begun a new adventure and I’m not sure I’ll ever turn back.  Teaching Pre-K to the most amazing 4 & 5 year old minds is the best job I’ve ever had.  I get to be Mrs. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus EVERYDAY!  Sure I don’t drive the bus but the adventures in learning are the best.

Youth programs began as my initial focus. My background in youth development drives my passion of working with children. I’ve spent my professional career focused on giving our youth skills that will keep them engaged and supported while they navigate their childhood.

Sewing and craft products truly feed my soul. My grandfather was a man of many talents and I like to think it rubbed off on me. All of my products are currently available thru my Etsy store, Creatively Dunn For You. Custom projects are always welcome.

Event design can be overwhelming for many, but for me it’s the details that matter. As a stage manager details were my focus, and I bring that attention to every centerpiece, party bag, and personal touch I put on my events.

Social media keeps me connected to the community. As an on-the-go mom I have to keep my family in the know, I post daily family activities hosted in Newport County to my blog and Facebook page. Do-it-yourself projects come to life with tutorials and photos, or get inspired by following my Pintrest boards.

Please take a few minutes to check out all of my pages for all of the links on current projects.

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