Consignment Shopping Season

Thanks to such wonderful feedback regarding my post about attending the annual RI Be Green Kids Consignment Sale this spring I figured I’d re-post my Ultimate Kids Closet Guide.

For those that might be like me and are overwhelmed this week as we hang, tag and price items to head to the sale and review what might be hiding in the back of our kids closets as not to buy doubles this week is busy enough. But the sale this weekend will come as a chance to see other moms that I may not be able to see each week and have had equally crazy summer schedules.  This weekend’s event is shopping and visiting with friends.

Click the link above to go to the original post and read my top 10 guidelines for clothing as well as the FREE download of a list you can use yourself as you prepare for fall wardrobes.

Happy Shopping!

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Kids Closet Checklist

The ultimate consignment hunting list is here. I live in a state where for most of the time we get all four seasons; summer, fall, winter and mud. I am the one who can be found twice a year at the Be Green Kids Consignment Sale with the two page excel spreadsheet with the checklist of what to buy for my kiddo’s closets to stock them for the season. The last few years I’ve been asked by friends and two mamas who said they refer to me, at the sale each year, as the “organized list lady” to share my list. Technology got the best of me this fall and and I wasn’t able to get it posted early enough, so now I’m determined.

Wait no longer as I include EVERYTHING from toys and tots to get my kids thru each season. This is a FREE download so in exchange how about you just tell some friends about Creatively Dunn and say… follow my page and we’ll call it even.

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Prior to the start of the sale season I spend some quality time with each kid’s closet taking inventory of what they have and what I couldn’t resist in prior years. I even make notes of singletons (definition below)

Some of my rule include…
1. Stay focused on the list.
2. Shop the next size up for deals and must haves
3. No singletons every item in the bag must be or make a full outfit.
4. Think thru every holiday outfit from headband to toe
5. Buy outfits/toys that you know they will like but that others can give as gifts. Comes in very handy when Uncles call looking for gift ideas.
6. Know your kid’s style. My daughter currently hates pants and only will wear “skirts that twirl”. That being said I’m not about to waste time nor money on non-twirling pants and shorts.
7. Don’t forget the toy table for large and small items. I can usually do okay for Easter Baskets and Stocking stuffers ie travel puzzles, mini pocket dolls, rattles etc. (Granted this won’t last forever as they’ll smarten up on new/used but until than I’m playing it)
8. I can sew so I’m not afraid of a small repair or buying a piece that I’m going to cut and recycle. I’m dying to try some everyday princess clothes like those here.
9. Be willing to acknowledge that some items just aren’t to be found. After a certain age kids just tend to wear out clothes. I find this most with bathing suit and sneakers.
10. Something should just be fresh and new like underwear, socks, bras.

Well look at that, there are my 10 rules. Thankfully my husband has never. Squaked about how much I spend at the sale. “You shop smart and it is ALL done presents and clothes everything.” Thanks babe. Happy hunting see you at the sale I’ll be the one with a pencil in my hair and the list folded in my pocket.

What’s your secret to shopping success? Comments welcome.