Look Whoo’s Turning Two

This year’s party evolved because of some fabric I found on one of my crafting hunts.  I wanted to make a fun tutu kinda skirt as my little lady would wear a tutu every day of the week if I let her.  We had to narrow it down to Tutu Tuesdays a day when she wasn’t going to be playing in the mud or on the playground at school nor have to ask others to deal with all that tulle.  The fabric I found had owls and sweet girlie colors all over it.  I made it into a tutu for my birthday girl to wear.IMG_2212My good friend Julia at the blog A Little Bee Told Me came thru for me yet again with adorable invitations.

Time to set the tables.  A quick trips thru Michael’s craft stores for wooden owls and stickers were perfect to be sprinkled around the table.  I like to have a special area for the cake to be displayed before we get to dessert.  People love to take a quick peek at the design, as well as it gives me a place to make sure all items are out at ready like plates, candle, knife etc.  My sister was away for the party this year but she found and sent along a special owl plate that the birthday girl used.  IMG_2078IMG_2083Did a little set up of fun activities around the yard for the kids and adults to keep all entertained.  Made the sweet little owls out of paper lanterns and construction paper and a flag for the top of the swing set in the same fabric as the birthday girl’s tutu.  Let say it was a lesson in sewing triangles and took a few tries.  IMG_2080IMG_2079

Playing with Uncle Steve at the sand table is so much fun.  The sand table was also filled with purple glitter to match our theme.

Time for cake!  Thanks to Audra at Mad Hatter Bakery the cake and cupcakes looked adorable and oh so yummy.

Everyone left the party with giant bouncy ball (pictured above) and owl loot bag.   It made for tons of fun all party long in the yard, and it was a gift that would get used by a kid of any size.  IMG_2077

A wonderful time with wonderful weather.  Until next time, a year that will surly fly by.  Enjoy being 2 little lady.


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Happy New Year It’s 9pm!

New Year’s with kids just isn’t the same.  Granted now I don’t have to wear high heals and wait at the bar for a drink, but partying with the mini pack can still be fun especially if you can celebrate the ball dropping at 9pm!

We start with some sparkle cause who doesn’t like to wear a little sparkle to a party? If age appropriate once the sparkle has worn off it is time to don our baby new year suits.  The pictures get funnier and funnier each year.  Toss in the props and in our case see which kid cries first.

IMG_7791  IMG_7798  DSC03685

This has become a hit or miss in our family but is still so easy and so fun.  Place bags with small goodies in them for each half hour as you count down to “midnight”  The bags are not filled with anything overexciting, as a parent, but for the kids are like gold.  We make sure we fill the bags according to what we’ll be able to handle.  For example the candy usually goes as to what will be right after dinner and the horns don’t make an appearance till the very end.

IMG_4117 IMG_4119

Some winners for us include…

  • Candy (such as ring pops to ring in the new year)
  • Party Beads
  • New Year’s Crowns
  • New Year’s Horns
  • Gold Coins
  • Play dough Cans
  • Princess Wands
  • Bubbles
  • Stickers & Stamps

I’ve seen people that do some amazing things like make pizza with the dough in the shape of the year, balloon drops off the celling fan, and hourly party games and activities.  I’m not sure even for me if I’m into it that much.  Honestly I feel like New Year’s Eve unless you have a rockin’ party to go to like a wedding or an epic event is like prom; all hype and no big delivery.  Not to say I didn’t have fun at my proms but the getting ready was the exciting part.

Thanks to Netflix, they again will be streaming It’s Almost Midnight- Netflix 2016 Kids New Year’s Eve Countdown.  This 5 minute countdown which can feature characters of their choice is free for subscribers.  Don’t forget the bubbly juice in “fancy” glasses and let your countdown begin.

My girlfriends and I try these every year.  We even get them into bed by 9:15 but some how the girls wake up around 11:45pm.  Go figure, so we let them celebrate.  Hope your New Year is filled with sunshine, love and seashells.


Share what fun kids stuff you do for New Year’s Eve.