Visiting the Mouse – Part 8

Part 8: Memories & Lessons Learned

5 days was tons of fun and we felt that we got a lot done. It was agreed that it would have been nice to extend and get a true pool day.  We did make use of the pool but it was limited to quick swims and the am before departure.


The magic bands are adjustable for adult and kid. but only one time.  My husband ended up wearing our toddler’s on his belt loop cause we made it kid size but he would play and chew on it.  Should have left it adult size.

I brought my big camera but never pulled it out of my backpack I used my phone and the Disney photo maker package.  I carried my phone with $10 cash and my ID in a cross body small purse.  PS ended up using zip tie to hold it together broke the strap on day one.

Bathing Suits:  If your kids are naturally drawn to water like mine toss in a bathing suit.  It is nice to have some down time at your hotel pool and for those rides you’ll get soaked in.  Ladies just remember that for the rides you are not permitted to wear just a bathing suit.  We had one incident where my daughter got all the way up to the front of the line, past 4 cast members, only to be told that she had to go get a shirt for on top of her bathing suit.  Rash guards and suit shorts work best with flip flops or crocs of some kind.

Notes: The refillable cups weren’t worth it to us because we’re not soda drinkers.  And they can only be used at the resort not in the parks. Next time we would only get one drink package for my husband’s am coffee.   These might come with the meal plan option or as part of a promotion, so check it out while booking.

Water refills:  We would fill our water bottle at every breakfast with water and ice.  We learned on the second meal that you can march up to any counter service and ask for ice water they have them all prepped; don’t wait in line.  Grab 2 per person and refill you water bottles too.


Trading pins. I will say our first trade happen when I was wearing my daughter’s lanyard as she had just come out of Bippity Boppity Boutique.   An older man approached me and asked if I wanted to trade.  I think if she was wearing it he would have been turned off but she traded and he nicely explained how it all works.  From that moment in she was hooked and not afraid to approach anyone. P.S. this man was a serious pin collector, I hand no idea it could be so intense.  He had a special case and not one but 3 of them where he’d pull cork boards out like they were baseball cards.  I am glad we had some extra backs too as we did catch one or two and there would have been tears if it was lost.


In the autograph book have the characters sign every other page and once you get home print a picture of them with the character. We did not fill our book so we will surely take it again the next time. It will be fun to see how the kids grow on each trip.  Disney fun fact:  Characters have to practice the autography so they all look similar park to park and year to year.

It was a wonderful and busy trip.  Truly a place where dreams are made and the magic is all around you including the below… all tuckered out and seeing Cinderella’s Castle for the first time = our magic moments.

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You’ve waited long enough…

My dear sweet friends and family, students and parents; You’ve waiting a long time for a good laugh and who am I to disappoint.   May is National Water Safety Month and all month long my little swimmers, during their classes, have been learning about ways to be safe, smart and a friend to mother nature when it comes to time around the water.


Below is my 2005 attempt at poolside education with Gus & Goldie the spokes fish for the National Spa and Pool Institute.  That’s right I’m Goldie and my assistant was Gus.  We spent the morning on the pool deck passing out coloring books, stickers and posing for pictures.  Totally smiled for my first few photos.  We spent the afternoon curb side waving to honking cars.  Not a typical day in the office but where we spent the day laughing and not doing budgets and reports.  Gus & Goldie

After the success of Gus & Goldie; Josh the Baby Otter came into my life in 2008.  I got to rock this costume at a local safety event.  If you’re ever going to be a costume character make sure you have an “escort” so you’re not stuck in the costume the whole time.   Your escort can get you away when you’re melting on the inside.  Sometime being the escort is harder, you have to be the one talking, smiling and dealing the kids that freak out around costume characters.


There is no shortage of kid friendly curriculums out there to help you broach the subject with your kids or students.  Some of my favorites include.

Josh the Baby Otter Click Here

American Red Cross’s Longfellow’s Whales Tales American Red Cross’s A Whales Tail

Gus & Goldie Gus and Goldie thanks to the El Paso, Texas Parks and Rec Dept.

Remember as we all gear up for a summer season of splashing poolside, at the beach or on the family boat, even the littlest swimmer can help in an emergency.  Ask your swim instructor to include some safety lessons and topics during class time.


Some additional resources, and groups to help you prepare for a busy May.

National Water Safety Month Organization

World’s Largest Swim Lesson